Electronics: Croft Red Shift Power Amp, OTL design, 10w per channel. Croft preamp. Docet-Lector 0.5T, 16 bit valve CD player.

Speakers: Double horns (great design by Onur Ilkorur) fitted with Lowther PM4As, 15ohm, copper coil by Dave Smith of DK Loudspeakers in Essex. Stands by MDF, filled with sand.

Cables: speaker cables are coax RG11, interconnect from DIVA audio (Singapore).

Comments: the sound level of this system is very good. The Croft OTL power amp is extremely accurate and precise. The Lowther PM4As very detailed and sweet. No Lowther shouting. Coax cables type RG11 used as speaker cables give body to the sound. Onur's double horn design extremely good, particularly for the size. The only weak point of the system is not enough bass for the room (4m ceilings), also given the fact that these horns have been designed for corner placement, whereas in my case the left speaker is not in a corner. In smaller rooms and with proper corner placement, bass obtained from these horns is more than adequate; for bigger rooms and/or improper placement, a bass extention is certainly most welcome.

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